The Mount Wilson Observatory was founded in 1904. Its 100 inch Hooker telescope was completed in 1917, and was the world's largest telescope until 1949. It is one of the most famous telescopes in observational astronomy of the 20th century. The telescope was the critical tool in the discovery that not only does the universe extend far past the reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy, but that it is ever expanding. These two discoveries fundamentally changed our scientific view of the universe.
George Ellery Hale, who founded the observatory, as well as Caltech and The Astrophysical Journal, played a pioneering role in advancing Astro-physics, or what was then known as "New Astronomy". His legacy is so multifaceted that it is virtually impossible to list all of his accomplishments.
Here's to holding a pint up into the sky and celebrating New Astronomy, and the people that set the stage for new discoveries over 100 years ago.
Quote reads: "…The explorers of the sky, the pioneers
Of science, now made ready to attack
That darkness once again,and win new worlds.”
By Alfred Noyes
Hiker Trash: noun: a word used to describe thru-hikers – typically characterized by an offensive odor and a grungy beard (regardless of sex), frequently looking for beer, wi-fi, and electrical outlets
Since its establishment, Arrow Lodge Brewing has maintained a grasp on their connection with Southern California's local outdoor community. Hiker Trash and its vibrant colors pay homage to that demographic. The overall concept and intricacies of its pattern feature such deep hiker cuts, that the artwork continues to pay big dividends for the brewery and the name is now an established part of their taproom.
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